Enterprise Data Solutions has been our IT partner since June 1996. In all that time I value their expertise. I feel they have our best interest in mind at all time. Although we have changed our suppliers in other areas of the business over the years, EDS UK is the only supplier we have never changed.
Andy and his team at Enterprise Data Solutions have effectively been our IT department for a number of years. As a digital marketing company, our IT infrastructure is vitally important to us. They are great to have in your corner when dealing with software vendors, telephone system providers and other technology suppliers.
‘We have been using Enterprise Data Solutions for over ten years and we feel they offer a user-friendly system. EDS have helped to provide robust solutions which, aid the smooth running of our busy, five surgery referral centre. When we moved to our new location in 2016, they designed and implemented our new robust IT infrastructure along with our new phone system. EDS were paramount in the data split and relocating our back-up systems. We receive a highly effective support plan and can always rely on the Team at EDS to do the right thing for our companies aims and objectives. ‘
In all these years, they have never once let us down. When equipment was needed, it's always been the right equipment for the job and has been provided quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices.
EDS provides that quintessential quality that allows other businesses to successfully tackle and expand their business by helping them to successfully deploy, "Big Boys Solution" on a small business budget"