Option THREE (Maintenance Support Bonds)

EDS Maintenance Support Bonds (MSB) is the most flexible and innovative way to use EDS’s services. It ensures that you get real value for your money when you need it.

When you take out a MSB contract, you are no longer tied to a reactive service. We become part of your team. This means that you can relax and get on with the real job of running your company.

The customer pre-purchases a number of MSB which can then be used to cover the costs of virtually any EDS service offered. There is no limit on the type of IT related work covered by this type of contract: project work, upgrades and enhancements can be done as well as fault fixing and preventative maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed response times
  • Reduced rates
  • Flexibility – Can be used for any of our services
  • Proactive support

Bonds are purchased in multiples of 50 and the more bonds purchased the lower the unit bond cost.

To Find out more about MSB

EDS Maintenance Support Bonds (MSB)